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DC Solar Pump

Our submarine water siphon is hostile to erosion nature and gives high wear opposition where it decreases the running expenses because of its high siphoning productivity and life span. It can work constantly for a more extended timeframe with no difficulty.

Solar Hot Water system

Sun based water warming (SWH) is the transformation of daylight into heat for water warming utilization of sun powered warm authority. An assortment of designs is accessible at different expense to give arrangements in various atmospheres and scopes. SWHs are generally utilized for private and some mechanical applications. 

Water Purifier

Sun oriented water sanitization or Solar Water disinfection also known as SODIS, is a sort of versatile water refinement that utilizes sun oriented vitality to make naturally polluted (for example microscopic organisms, infections, protozoa and worms) water safe to drink. Water debased with non-natural specialists, for instance, poisonous synthetic compounds or overwhelming metals require extra strides to make the water safe to drink. 


Sun based water purification is normally practiced utilizing some blend of power created by photovoltaic boards (sun oriented PV), heat (sun based warm), and sun based bright light assortment. 


Sun based cleansing utilize the impacts of power produced by photovoltaics commonly utilizing an electric momentum to convey electrolytic procedures which purify water, for instance by creating oxidative free radicals which murder pathogens by harming their synthetic structure. A subsequent methodology make use of  put away sunlight based power from a battery, and works around evening time or at low light levels to control a bright light to perform auxiliary sun oriented bright water sterilization. 


Sunlight based warm water sterilization utilizes heat from the sun to warm water to 70–100 °C for a brief timeframe. Nevertheless, various methodologies exist. Sun oriented warmth gatherers can have focal points before them, or use reflectors. They may likewise utilize shifting degrees of protection or coating. Likewise, some sunlight based warm water purification forms are clump based, whereas others (through-stream sun oriented warm sanitization) work persistently while the sun sparkles. Water warmed to temperatures underneath 100 °C is by and large alluded to as purified water.

AICA Energy is a sustainability solution provider offering technology oriented customized service to Residential, Commercial & Industrial customers. With our advanced laboratory and research & development capabilities and with the support of latest application & engineering solutions available we are able to offer  customized solutions. Our global experiences over two decades within the renewable and alternative energy including water, using current computer applications help us engineer your needs by integrating various distributed energy resources.

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