WA Government launches Distributed Energy Buyback Scheme

Energy Minister, the Hon. Bill Johnston MLA today announced the Distributed Energy Buyback Scheme (DEBS). This scheme extends buyback payments for rooftop solar PV to include payments for energy exported from eligible home batteries and electric vehicles to support the uptake of these new technologies.

Rooftop solar PV panels, batteries and electric vehicles are transforming Western Australia’s electricity system and this is one of many measures being progressed as part of the McGowan Government’s Energy Transformation Strategy to better integrate these technologies.

The new scheme will apply to eligible customers installing a new solar PV system or battery, or upgrading the size of their existing PV system.  It will also apply to customers moving into a premises with existing solar PV installed.

DEBS introduces a time of export buyback rate that offers a higher rate of payment when electricity is worth more.

Under DEBS, from 6 November 2020 the buyback rates will be:

  • Electricity exported between 3pm and 9pm will earn 10 cents a kilowatt-hour (kWh);
  • Electricity exported at other times will earn 3c/kWh.

These buyback rates better reflect the varying cost of electricity at different times of day. In some regional areas the buyback rate might be higher for Horizon Power customers as some towns will have higher generation costs.

To find out more visit : Energy Buyback Schemes

reviewed 31 August 2020

reference: https://www.wa.gov.au/government/announcements/wa-government-launches-distributed-energy-buyback-scheme