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Surveillance Camera

No spot is protected if appropriate safety efforts are not taken. The threat of breach like unforseen danger, break-ins and so forth are a typical event all over the place. So it’s essential to introduce appropriate safety arrangements to ensure legitimate security reconnaissance is possible. Opton Computerization gives you the best security arrangements accessible for your home and business spaces. We make your home and business space a place of refuge where you can remain with no dread of interlopers.


Opton is the best provider of CCTV in Kerala. We ensure your home and business spaces are under 24X7 reconnaissance by introducing the best CCTV cameras accessible. You may travel away from your home or working environment without mulling over the security as you may have versatile live feeds of the CCTV cameras introduced in your spaces. 

This empowers you to screen your spaces from any area. On the off chance that any interlopers stop by, you will be promptly cautioned. We have a wide range of security arrangements you need like cautions, movement sensors, CCTV and so on

Lightning Arrester

Lightning Arrester is a device used for the purpose of protection of an equipment at substations against travelling waves. In simple terms, the device diverts the abnormal high voltage to the ground without touching the continuity of supply. It is attached between the line and earth i.e., in corresponding with the hardware to be secured at the substation. The same device is also being installed in residential and commercial buildings to protect the buildings from lightning.

Automated Gates

We have a wide range of Door Mechanization Frameworks of European and Asian roots for entryway loads running between 300 Kg to 6000 Kg. Our range covers Rigging Engines, Direct Arms, Explained Arms, and Underground Frameworks and Roller type Administrators, for both private and mechanical applications.

Lightning Arrester

As attractive as the basking of natural light in the interior structure of a home may sound, the smart shades and shutter, in the right place with right equipment, serves an opportunity to reveal the first dawn light, capturing one’s complete attention as if by magic. Furthermore, the smart blinds have come up as trending in modern homes and are easily customized according to colour and size, even the fitting of the window frame. The shutters also provide security to the houses, it prevents intruders from entering through windows or balcony doors. 

AICA Energy is a sustainability solution provider offering technology oriented customized service to Residential, Commercial & Industrial customers. With our advanced laboratory and research & development capabilities and with the support of latest application & engineering solutions available we are able to offer  customized solutions. Our global experiences over two decades within the renewable and alternative energy including water, using current computer applications help us engineer your needs by integrating various distributed energy resources.

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