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Renewable Energy

Solar EnergySun based vitality is brilliant light and warmth from the Sun that is outfit  utilizing a scope of ever-developing advancements, for example, sun powered warming, photovoltaics, sun based warm vitality, sunlight based design, liquid salt force plants and fake photosynthesis.

Solar Tiles

Sun based tiles work distinctively from the photovoltaic boards that are as of now broadly utilized in development. The essential contrast between them lies in their get together: while photovoltaic boards are appended to a current rooftop, sun oriented tiles are a piece of the rooftop’s development from the beginning, replacing conventional  tiling.


The tiles are framed by photovoltaic cells that, when they get daylight, make an electric field fit for giving electrical vitality to use inside the structure. Each tile is associated with links to the force conveyance board.

Solar Car Porch

Sun powered garages are overhead coverings worked to cover stopping regions, and are unmistakable from boards introduced onto a prior parking space structure. Sun oriented parking spaces share numerous things for all intents and purposes with ground mount sun-based boards, which are calculated board modules introduced on the ground instead of on a housetop. 


Both ground mount sun powered and sun oriented parking spaces dispense with the requirement for a surface on which the boards could be mounted. The essential distinction between a sunlight based garage and a regular ground mount establishment is that parking spaces are taller in order to make space for a vehicle to leave. Furthermore, the two are very comparative and each offer the advantage of permitting installers to situate the boards at the most ideal plot for daylight presentation.

See Through Roof Tops

Common light in the interior  makes a home look mesmerizing, however only one out of every odd structure considers daylight to expose or bask  each room in the house. For the individuals who are searching for approaches to add brilliance to the insides without turning to imitating  light sources, straightforward material is the appropriate response. For instance, rather than conventional roofing materials, such as , earth tiles or solid, one can introduce glass, polycarbonate or other clear material for the rooftop tiles to welcome normal light into the insides of a home structure. Additionally, straightforward material arrangements similarly render  perspectives on the twilight sky around evening time without having to wander outside to glimpse upon the starlit sky!

While lookout windows and clear rooftops are picking up ubiquity, numerous mortgage holders wonder whether it is reasonable for the Indian conditions, particularly since not at all like European nations where daylight is a shortage during specific months, most urban communities in India get plentiful daylight consistently. Further, questions arises as to  what kind of material is perfect for straightforward material in Indian homes. We present all the appropriate responses, including the diverse  materials, the upsides and downsides just as the valuing of sorts of straightforward roofing materials.

Energy Storage system

Vitality stockpiling is the gist of vitality created at once for use sometime in the not too distant future. A gadget that stores vitality is commonly called a collector or battery. Vitality comes in different structures including radiation, substance, gravitational potential, electrical potential, power, raised temperature, inert warmth and motor. Vitality stockpiling includes changing over vitality from structures that are hard to store to all the more advantageously or monetarily storable structures. 


A few innovations give transient vitality stockpiling, while others can suffer for much longer. Mass vitality stockpiling is currently overwhelmed by hydroelectric dams, both regular just as siphoned. 


Normal instances of vitality stockpiling are the battery-powered battery, which stores synthetic vitality promptly convertible to power to work a cell phone, the hydroelectric dam, which stores vitality in a repository as gravitational potential vitality, and ice stockpiling tanks, which store ice solidified by less expensive vitality around evening time to satisfy top daytime need for cooling. Petroleum products, for example, coal and gas store old vitality acquired from daylight by creatures that later passes on, got covered and after some time were then converted into these energies. Food (which is made by a similar procedure as petroleum derivatives) is a type of vitality put away in concoction structure.

AICA Energy is a sustainability solution provider offering technology oriented customized service to Residential, Commercial & Industrial customers. With our advanced laboratory and research & development capabilities and with the support of latest application & engineering solutions available we are able to offer  customized solutions. Our global experiences over two decades within the renewable and alternative energy including water, using current computer applications help us engineer your needs by integrating various distributed energy resources.

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