Labor pledges $2,000 solar battery rebates for Australian homes

Labor leader Bill Shorten has outlined his party’s energy policy for the next federal election in style, pledging a rebate of up to $2,000 for Australian households.

The rebate is focused to households with an annual income of less than $180,000 to benefit from the heavily reduced solar battery energy installation.

Slated to begin in 2020, the scheme is estimated to cost $140.9 million and support 100,000 new battery installations.

Opposition Leader, Bill Shorten has unveiled a solar battery storage scheme the help thousands of struggling Australians. Source:

Along with the unprecedented battery scheme, the ALP also committed to keep the Coalition’s national energy guarantee (NEG) following Prime Minister, Scott Morrison claiming the policy ‘is dead’.

There will be a higher emissions target of 45%, but Labor believe this new scheme will help Australia achieve a 50% renewables objective in the electricity grid by 2030.

 “A Labor government I lead will be prepared to directly underwrite and invest in cleaner, cheaper power for Australia,” Shorten will say, according to a speech extract.

“We will prioritise renewables and support firming technologies like storage and gas.

“Labor will invest in new generation, in better transmission and distribution – because we realise this vital nation-building work cannot be left up to the big power companies.”

The policy is additionally expected to include procedures to improve energy efficiency and a transition plan for coal-reliant communities.

Supporting Labor’s higher emissions reduction target and energy plan, a faster shift away from coal-fired power is expected.

“The ALP recognises what needs to be done to drive the transition in the energy system, and we are ready to get on with it,” Shorten’s speech extract reads.

“We are still willing to work with the Liberals and the Nationals – but we are not prepared to wait for them. We’ve got a plan that’s right for the environment and good for the economy.”

The residential battery scheme will provide a rebate for eligible battery systems, at a rate of $500 per kilowatt hour of battery capacity, which allows households to play a role in managing peak demand, as well as reducing their energy bills.

Will this spell the end for the Morrison Government?

Bill Shorten’s energy pitch follows the Morrison government’s controversial energy policy reboot, after the execution of Malcolm Turnbull’s Prime Ministership.

Attempting to implement the energy reboot in time for the upcoming election, power companies remain dogged to fight back against Morrison’s ‘big stick’ threat to break up power companies for price gouging.

Prime Minister, Scott Morrison has been in hot water since abolishing the emissions target of the NEG after taking office. Source:

Since ditching the emissions reduction policy of the NEG for a proposed target of 26% for electricity, the energy sector has been fuming.

Retail power companies, business groups and other stakeholders have widely supported the emissions target change, as it simply helped to keep more money in their back pocket, while not having to be responsible for greater emissions cutbacks.

Labor’s higher emissions reduction target is unlikely to win the same level of consensus from energy stakeholders, but will pave the way for a cleaner and greener energy future for Australia.

Benefit from Labor’s battery scheme with AICA

With the next federal election on our doorstep, our bidding governments are pulling no punches to get our pivotal votes.

The Labor government’s strong battery pledge will help thousands of struggling Australians ease the tension of rising retail energy prices. Although many people will attempt to jump on this offer, many solar energy companies will be as well, in the simple attempt to make a quick buck.

The energy division at AICA has been operating for over 13 years now and has amassed over 5,000 solar installations across Australia and continues to put the needs of every client first.  

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