Solar Components

We offer wide range of energy saving solution products for Grid tied solar power systems, Off grid Power systems, Wind power systems, Lighting solutions and Energy savers.

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Solar Panels

A solar panel is a packaged, connected assembly of photovoltaic cells used to generate and supply electricity

Security Systems

CCTV Security systems


Inverter is the device that convert the direct current produced by the solar panels to alternating current can be used

Solar Water Heaters

Solar Water heaters : Cost effective way to generate hot water for your home

Battery Backup Systems

A battery backup system allows you to store energy while the sun is shining and use that energy at night or on cloudy days.

Energy saving Lighting solutions

We have a complete range of energy saving lighting solutions

Other Components

Solar Hot Water Heat Pump

Water heating is the largest single source green house gas emissions from the average Australian home. Using Solar energy to generate hot water is an excellent and economic solution. By using solar hot water systems   you not only reduce the energy bills but also doing your bit to help the environment by reducing the carbon foot print.

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Solar Pumps

Solar powered water pumping systems are similar to any other pumping system, only the power source is solar energy. Thus Solar pump solutions are a very attractive alternative to diesel powered pumping and support sustainable agriculture. The benefits of using solar pumps are, unlike conventional diesel pumps  it is much cheaper, generates no green house gas emissions and no noise.

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Lighting Solutions

Lighting makes up an important part of the electricity bill. Most lighting we use today is inefficient and costs more while emitting vast amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere. Solar lightings and LED lights are a great energy efficient alternative and they can save you money and help reduce your impact on the environment.

Advantages of Solar and LEDs over traditional incandescent light bulbs:

  • Save Energy

thereby reducing your carbon footprint and providing more light with less heat

  • Save Energy

in terms of energy costs and maintenance costs

  • Durable

The products we use are manufactured to a very high quality which prolongs their optical life

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Off Grid Power Systems

Off- grid power systems commonly referred to as stand-alone power systems supply electricity to properties that are not connected to the public electricity network. Renewable energy generation such as solar and wind power not only helps you create a sustainable lifestyle but benefits the environment, reduces noise, reduces air pollution, and cuts diesel transport costs to save you time and energy.

Off grid power systems consist of 4 main components:

  • Power generator (solar panels or wind turbine)
  • Battery bank
  • Battery charge Controller
  • Inverter/charger
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Swimming Pool Energy Savers

Swimming pool energy savers are used to reduce the energy consumption usually from 50-75%. It is achieved by soft starting the pool pump motor. By reducing the energy consumption, the wear and tear on the bearings of the motor and the noise produced by the motor is reduced up to 80% without compromising the water quality.

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Voltage Optimization

Voltage optimization equipment constantly regulates your electricity supply to the appliances so you get precisely the voltage you need.

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