Free Solar Design and Quote Assessment

AICA Energy, as accredited Gold Master Electrician, and Master Electrician Safety Company, now is providing free solar design and quote assessment.
Free Assessment Includes:
1. Solar panel roof design layout free assessment;
2. Solar PV system estimate performance free assessment;
3. Solar PV system components free assessment;
(panel, inverter, battery, isolators, mounting kits brand, module and warranty free check)
4. Solar PV system quote price free assessment;
5. Free Solar PV System Consultation to answer all your enquiry;
AICA Energy provides only Tier 1 products with best quality and warranty to our clients, all the solar layout design been approved by our renewable energy and electrical engineers, our in-house CEC Accredited Installers and Electricians team with $20 Million Liability Insurance on all installs for peace of mind.
For free quote and assessment, please message us directly or email to with your existing solar quotes.