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Business sun based boards gather clean sustainable power sources from daylight and convert it into power which is utilized to give capacity to electrical burdens. Sun powered boards contain a few individual sun oriented cells that are composed of layers of silicon, phosphorus and boron, organized in a network like example. The force produced by these sunlight based cells is sent to an inverter which changes over the DC power from the sun based boards into air conditioning power which is similar to the vitality sent by means of an utility network. Businessonsectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.


The breeze is a perfect, free, and promptly accessible AICA vitality source. Every day, around the globe, wind turbines are catching the breeze’s capacity and converting it into power. Wind power age assumes an undeniably significant job in the manner we power our reality – in a perfect, economical way. 

Be that as it may, how is wind vitality made? Wind turbines permit us to outfit the intensity of the breeze and transform it into vitality. At the point when the breeze blows, the turbine’s sharp edges turn clockwise, catching vitality. This triggers the primary shaft of the breeze turbine, associated with a gearbox inside the nacelle, to turn. The gearbox sends that breeze vitality to the generator, changing over it to power. Power at that point goes to a transformer, where voltage levels are acclimated to coordinate with the network.

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Modern Sun powered Force Frameworks have picked up notoriety in India with significant businesses depending on sun powered force for staying away from network blackout circumstances. With the arrangement of open access in a large portion of the states, modern sun powered force frameworks are progressively utilized by material, concrete, paper, steel, compound, dairy and earthenware enterprises to chop down their power costs. Out of the absolute 1247 MW housetop sunlight based establishment as of December 2016, 34% is for modern foundations.

Waste To Energy

At present, the world creates 1.3 billion tons of City Strong Waste (MSW) every year. By 2025 the world could create 2.2 billion tons of MSW every year. Such a forecast compels us to consider and create choices for tending to our future waste management(WM) challenges. A piece of the arrangement will be WTE advances which will help encourage economic WM programs by redirecting waste from landfills for vitality creation.

Tragically, WTE rehearsals are underutilized and in this way most of the world despite everything utilizes landfills as their essential removal strategy. Landfills are an unreasonable discharge of land and posture which questions the natural concerns including water and air quality issues. 

Maybe the two most eminent nations that have made huge commitments toward a maintainable WM framework by joining WTE advancements are Sweden and Denmark. Sweden reuses over 99% of their MSW, 50.3% of all family unit squander is burned for vitality recuperation and 16% is utilized. Correspondingly, Denmark has received the possibility of “libertine sustainability” wherein the foundation that adds to the bedrock of a naturally and socially dependable society turns into a dynamic and usable open space. Furthermore,Copenhagen’s most recent tasks incorporate an incinerator that likewise capacities as a ski incline and a WTE training community for its residents. Just 3% of Copenhagen’s garbage goes to landfills. 54% is utilized in incinerators to make warmth and power. 97% of all city occupants get their vitality as overabundance heat created by their waste incinerators.The biggest test to WTE innovation appropriation is the mindfulness that waste can be utilized as a wellspring of spotless and solid vitality.

AICA Energy is a sustainability solution provider offering technology oriented customized service to Residential, Commercial & Industrial customers. With our advanced laboratory and research & development capabilities and with the support of latest application & engineering solutions available we are able to offer  customized solutions. Our global experiences over two decades within the renewable and alternative energy including water, using current computer applications help us engineer your needs by integrating various distributed energy resources.

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