City of Sydney plans to be 100% run by renewable energy

The City of Sydney Council has committed to using 100 per cent renewable energy to generate its entire electricity needs.

This commitment will add to the City’s already impressive array of solar systems installed on various locations. A few locations already benefiting from solar include:

  • Sydney Town Hall – 240 panels (48kW)
  • Redfern Oval – 211 panels (55kW)
  • Surry Hills – 32 panels
  • Alexandra Canal Depot – 1,663 panels + Tesla Powerpack (500kWh)
  • Victoria Park Pool – 260 panels (65kW)
  • Green Square childcare centre

Since deciding that renewable energy was going to be the City’s electricity future way back in 2006, the City says it has already reduced electricity consumption by a massive 26 per cent.

Before even getting into the savings they’ve reaped from solar energy, over $800,000 a year has been saved solely through the installation of 6,500 LEDs in street lights.

According to City of Sydney’s sustainability director Chris Derksema last year, the Council hopes to have every cost-effective rooftop in its council limits to be fitted with solar panels by 2021. 

Not wanting this plan to sit idle for too long, the City is already in plans to have 7,800 more panels installed in its portfolio by that time.

Additionally, the City is trying to entice more local businesses and residents to meet half the local area’s electricity demand with renewable sources by 2030.

According to a report by the Australian PV Institute in 2018, the Sydney CBD has enough suitable rooftop space to entertain 619MW of solar capacity, which translates to 22% of the CBD’s entire electricity requirements.

Covering just over 26 square kilometres, the City of Sydney has its council limits extended from:

  • Sydney Harbour at Rushcutters Bay to Glebe and Annandale in the west
  • Sydney Park and Rosebery in the south to Centennial Park and Paddington in the east

According to Lord Mayor Clover Moore, if we continue to sit back and wait for change, nothing will happen, so it is our responsibility to make the change and invest in renewable energy.

“For too long, our state and federal governments have failed to take action to address accelerating climate change. That’s why cities must lead the way,” said Mayor Moore.

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