Australia’s Energy Council cleaning up the solar industry

Australia’s Clean Energy Council (CEC) has experienced its biggest year to date to ensure Australia’s solar energy industry is operating at peak capability.

To upkeep the industry’s national integrity, the responsibilities of the CEC include the accreditation of solar installers and maintaining lists of approved solar modules, inverters and battery storage products.

To give you an overview of what sort of action the council undertook during the year, over 245 solar panel models and 72 inverters were delisted through its testing program, while just shy of 4,600 module listings expired and not renewed due to international standards and various new terms and conditions.

December 1 stands to be the most recent product approval cut, where 3,296 approved PV modules were dramatically reduced on November 30 to just 1,725 the next day. This time last year, 6,790 models remained on the Approved Products List, meaning almost a 75% reduction occurred within the space of 12 months.

In order to be qualified for Australia’s ‘solar rebate scheme’, panels and inverters used in solar power systems must be on the Clean Energy Council’s Approved Products Lists at the time of installation.

Solar Installer Compliance

In the case of any installation based problem, demerit points can be issued to the infringing solar company or installer. These issues can be minor (interconnectors not being the same make and model) and demand just a 1 demerit point penalty, or can be allocated to very serious faults like insecure solar power system mounting structures, which can result in a 10 demerit point penalty.  

According to the CEC, 10,451 demerit points were allocated to 590 installers in 2018, which represents about 11% of all installers across Australia.

Demerit points issued this year led to 73 suspensions and five accreditation cancellations, where an installer has to accumulate 20 or more demerit points across 2 years to be suspended. In order to have your installation licence cancelled, an installer must have received three suspensions within a three-year period.

On a lighter note, the CEC additionally met with over a thousand system designers and installers at 13 Installer Nights in 10 cities around Australia to discuss the concerns, direction and future of Australia’s solar industry.

Eight webinars addressing industry issues were also conducted, drawing a crowd of almost 2,000 people, while the All-Energy Australia Conference and Exhibition attracted its largest event to date, with over 8,000 attendees.

The Clean Energy Council and AICA

With the Clean Energy Council has been cracking down heavily on poor or unsafe solar installation practice, service and conduct this year, this comes as music to our ears as it helps segregate the dodgy installers from the reputable, honest and long-standing companies like AICA.

With over a decade of experience and having completed 10,000 installations across Australia, AICA’s trusted name will make your change to renewable, solar energy as easy and as simple as possible.

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