Swimming Pool Energy Savers

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Swimming Pool Energy Savers

Most household pool pumps have single-phase motors, these pumps, although reliable, can be extremely inefficient. They use an incredible amount of energy to start, and in addition, are not designed to have the speed of the motor reduced so they stay on the one speed the entire time, the highest speed, consuming large amounts of energy regardless of the job they are doing.

Swimming pool energy savers are used to reduce the energy consumption usually from 50-75%. It is achieved by soft starting the pool pump motor. By reducing the energy consumption, the wear and tear on the bearings of the motor and the noise produced by the motor is reduced up to 80% without compromising the water quality.

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Future Wave


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Future Wave Energy Saver

The Future Wave Energy Saver is an Australian designed and owned product that can save you in most cases up to 75% on your pump electricity consumption and costs while significantly reducing your pump’s impact to the environment.

  • The Future Wave Energy Saver soft starts the pump motor, removing the huge initial start up demand of electricity.
  • The pump will then operate at close to its normal rate for a set period while it primes the pump.
  • When the pump is fully primed there is no need for it to draw so much energy to work effectively so the Future Wave Energy Saver will then wind the motor down to the energy saving level selected, saving significant amounts of electricity without having any detrimental effect on the running of your pool.