Solar Hot Water Heat Pump

Solar Hot Water Heat Pump

Water heating is the largest single source greenhouse gas emissions from the average Australian home. Using Solar energy to generate hot water is an excellent and economical solution. By using solar hot water systems you not only reduce the energy bills but also doing your bit to help the environment by reducing the carbon footprint.

Products we offer

Chromagen - Midea

Midea -Chromagen

Midea Electric Heat Pump Water Heater - 280 Litre

Harvest the free energy from the air to heat your water with the advanced Midea heat pump from Chromagen.

Its renewable energy water heating technology uses up to 65 percent less energy than a conventional water heater, whilst providing reliable hot water all day and night.

This single piece unit is designed for fast and easy installation, ideal for replacement of electric storage hot water units and a great alternative to solar hot water, as roof top panels are not required

  • Cheaper ongoing running costs – up to 3.5 times cheaper to run than electric storage
  • Straight forward change over from existing electric storage systems
  • User friendly controller with LCD display
  • Low operating noise – Only 48 dBA
Feature Highlights: 
  • Volume Capacity 280 Litres
  • Max Water Temp: 60 degree celsius
  • Dimension: 650 x 1920mm
  • Net Weight: 145kg
  • Pipe Connection DN20mm

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