Solar Energy for Business

Solar Energy for Business

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Benefits of using solar power


Immediate savings on your electricity bill

Once a solar system is installed and commissioned, you only have to draw electricity from the grid when you need it. A large advantage of investing in solar system is that you generate your own electricity and avoid the average 2% increase in energy charges year on year. With the right solar PV system on your roof, customized and designed to meet your budget and needs, the amount needed to be spent on power can be greatly reduced.

Sell your power to the grid

When your system generates more electricity than what you need to use, then that additional power is fed back into the grid. By doing this, you might even be eligible for a feed-in tariff.

Reduce your carbon foot print

Renewable energy sources like solar can reduce your home's greenhouse gas emissions, which is a great help to the environment. A 10 KW system over its lifetime will prevent over 200 tonnes of carbon emissions into the environment.

Upfront incentives

Make the most of government incentives, which can help you save upfront on a solar panel system.

High Return on Investment

When designing and proposing a commercial solar power system AICA Energy focuses on attaining an ROI above 18%. These percentages of return are used as a baseline target for any project planning or capital investments

Increase in property valuation

Not only does adding solar panels reduce or remove your power bills, many solar systems pay themselves off in less than five years and will add value to your house. Investing in solar enables the property to be rated better with the green stars or NABERS (energy efficiency) rating. A NABERS rating of 4 or higher can provide significantly higher returns than other properties, and installing solar power can be a major contributor in achieving this rating.

Customized to your needs.

With a comprehensive range of solar packages and renewable energy solutions to your options, we can adjust or re-configure systems to suit your personal specifications.