About us

AICA Energy is an energy efficiency solutions provider specialising in all market sectors of electrical and renewable energy.

Certified by EcoXpert

We are certified by EcoXpert to carry out energy assessments and provide energy efficiency solution consultations to manage the growing energy demand.
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    AICA Energy is an energy and engineering consultancy firm, specialising in renewable energy. Offering completely free consultation services to all potential projects, our renewable energy experts conduct extensive energy assessments in order to realise the best energy alternative option for your home or business.

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    With an in-house team of experienced and skilled electrical engineers, we continue to push the boundaries of energy efficiency and product performance, in order to ensure the solar systems and energy efficient we install for you is the best quality you could ask for. Additionally, our design team provide highly effective and flexible solutions for concept designs, data visualisation and analysis. This includes developing presentations for clients, council approval and community engagement through print, broadcast and web media.

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    Our expertise in solar energy integration allows us to develop new technologies and overcome current limitations in the renewable energy sector. With experience in solar system integration for small residential properties to large-scale commercial installations, our energy integration expertise has been nationally recognised and industrially revered.

Core Competencies

Our experience ranges within various facets of the renewable and electrical industry. These skill combinations enable us to deliver workmanship and products of the highest quality.
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Energy Saving Solutions
  • Solar PV Technologies
  • Energy Assessments
  • Maintenance

An innovative approach to your energy needs

In collaboration with our partners, AICA Energy's experience within the electrical and renewable energy sectors gives us a competitive advantage in an ever evolving industry. With a multi-dimensional business model, we are consistently embracing all aspects that enable the provision of customised solutions to suit customer and business requirements.

Solar Installations

Installed and serviced over 10,000 solar systems across Australia

Electric Vehicle Ready

Developed and installed our own public on-site EV charging station

Fighting Climate Change

Reduced over 279,000 tonnes of CO2 to combat global warming

Quality Solar Panels

Installed over 154,000 solar panels across Australia

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We are focused on providing our clients with the highest level of quality and customer service.