7 steps to reducing your energy bills

As energy bills continually rise across the nation, Australians are always on the lookout to find renewable and sustainable ways to cut down on energy usage and save on the cost of rising energy bills. The Energy division at AICA have prepared 7 easy steps that you can take to reduce your energy use. 

1.      Not only install, but understand the solar fundamentals

Solar energy has taken Australia by storm over the past few years, to the point where it’s now generating a greater energy output than both coal and gas stations! So, taking a moment to look into the benefits of solar is highly recommended, but ensuring that you know exactly what you’re getting when you invest in solar energy, is very important. Understanding what goes into creating solar energy and how the solar energy market is presently doing are just a few things you should know before meeting with a solar energy specialist. By following these links, you will learn exactly, the importance of going with a professional solar energy company, the benefits of battery storage systems and what the Government is planning to do to further increase energy bills. Understanding how a solar energy system works will greatly help when you eventually get one.

2. Conduct your own energy audit Discovering how and when you use your energy is as a key aspect to saving on your usage. Most people attempt to figure out why their bills are so high, and try to cut down on usage through appliances or using fewer lights throughout the house, but without professional assistance, this isn’t as easy as it sounds. AICA Energy will personally come out to your home to give you this service, with no charge whatsoever. Offering energy solutions from changing the lights in your home to providing solar energy and battery solutions, AICA Energy is here to help you take back control of your energy usage.

Calculating your own energy audit can definitely help you reduce your energy usage, but getting help with your energy bills from a trusted energy specialist will always help you in the long run. Source: http://www.e2singapore.gov.sg.

3.      Heating your household’s water with the sun

Heating water is energy intensive and is one of the biggest energy users in a home. Offering a range of premiere hot water systems, AICA Energy uses the leading brands to ensure your energy bills will be reduced, while using a sustainable source of hot water. AICA’s hot water systems use up 65% less energy than conventional water heaters, emit an extremely low operating noise level and do not require solar panels to operate.

4.      Calculate the financial return of your solar

When you invest in a solar energy system, saving money and protecting the environment go hand in hand. But, the current climate of the Government has officially decided to eradicate the solar energy rebate incentive due to the huge recent uptake of solar energy systems in Australia. So, to ensure you are saving a lot more on your solar energy system make sure you begin looking to invest in a solar energy system now!

5. Find trusted solar energy companies

Like anything, there are better solar energy systems on the market than others and there are more trustworthy solar companies out there than other. To ensure you’re looked after with the best products and best service, make sure you come to realise who are the respected solar companies and which ones just want to make money. The Energy division at AICA have been operating for over a decade now and have solidified their stance on the renewable energy industry, operating with the best products and a team of highly qualified professionals to walk you through every step of your solar investment.

As a leading energy provider in Western Australia, AICA will be sure to help you with all of your energy needs at home or for your business. Source: http://aicaenergy.com/

6.      Upgrade your old air-con

If your air-conditioner is over a decade old, it may be time to upgrade. AICA are known to provide the perfect cooling system for your home or business. Whether the system in your home is failing or not, if you’re not feeling the cooling you desire but are still receiving high bills, your system probably isn’t sized correctly for your home. Along with this, with a new system you’ll have a far better cooling efficiency and effectiveness, where your home will remain the perfect temperature of your wish but remain efficient enough to not be using unnecessary energy.

7.      Post solar installation

Trusted solar energy companies will adhere to the current standards and guidelines when installing a solar energy system, but AICA are adamant to have you look over the completed workmanship to know that you are happy with the completed installation before leaving. Although AICA have highly qualified installers with a team of electrical engineers working behind the scenes, we take client satisfaction very seriously and will only settle for perfection.

What AICA can do for you?

With a friendly team of professionals, AICA are here to walk you through every process of helping your home become sustainable. Whether you want to find a renewable solution to heating or cooling your home, AICA’s wide range of products are sure to fit your personal desires and needs.

If solar energy is what you’re looking for to finally get rid of those high energy bills, having installed over 10,000 solar systems across Western Australia, the Energy division at AICA have the experience, knowledge and expertise to help you get off the grid today. For a free consultation with one of our renewable energy experts, call the friendly AICA team on 1800 242 228.