5 Advantages of LED Lights

Unlike the standard eyesore of a halogen globe where they drape from the ceiling, bulge out sideways and fade in colour to a fermented yellow, LED lighting offers a chic and attractive alternative to lighting, acting as the perfect addition to modernising your home.

In a time where aesthetics are everything, but the underlying tone of quality and added benefits still rear their head, LED lighting will do more than just act as a feature for everyone to enjoy.

AICA’s Energy division can choose the perfect lighting solutions for your home!

  1. Quality and Durability

    As mentioned before in LED Lighting Advantages, LED lights are extremely hardy. Their epoxy resin structure creates a very low risk of breakage, along with a high resistance to shock, vibrations and external impacts. For the growing family this is ideal, because no matter how many times the kids are told all ball sports are to be played outside, they’re not going to listen. What makes this even more exciting, is even when the kids take the footy out on the patio for a kick, your LED lights will still be 100% safe and reliable in their fittings. They’re also completely resistant to all the elements, whether it be wind, rain or a scorching summer’s day. We can guarantee your LED lights will survive whatever’s thrown their way, and continue to shine all year long.

  2. Low Voltage and Renewable Energy Options

    LED lighting takes very little power supply to be optimally functioning, and dramatically less than halogen alternatives.  This can create more options for your family home, and would be a perfectly serving option for investing into solar-energy systems. As solar systems are there to provide you with the energy you need for all electrical fittings in the first place, with a lower power supply needed for the lights, your system can focus its energy on other needs throughout the home. If you are interested to see what solar energy can do for your home, you can learn more about the advantages of switching to solar here.

  3. No UV Emissions and Heat Resistant

    What you may not realise is that halogen lights emit a huge amount of UV emissions. Your standard 100 watt bulb (one you would buy from a shopping centre) has the ability to cause real skin damage, and retinal damage to your eyes. Due to LED lighting having such lower wattage than a halogen (around 16-20 watts in comparison to a 100 watt bulb), there is an extremely low UV by-product coming from the light. This not only creates zero health risks whatsoever, but also does not radiate any heat, so any wandering hands won’t get burnt if they were to touch an LED.

  4. LED Design Flexibility and Light Dispersion

    LED lighting is the chameleon of the illumination world. They can be dimmed to suit any occasion, with a vast array of control of light, distribution and colour. If you’re wanting to read the paper in the kitchen with full exposure, while the rest of the family are watching an action movie across the room in the living room, it’s just a matter of turning a switch. This light directive quality your lights will act as a means to create the perfect mood for your body and mind. Whether it be entertaining friends and family or having a relaxing night in, how you want to use your lights is up to you.

  5. Instant Bright Light and Frequent Switching Tolerance LED lighting can be switched on and off frequently without suffering in the long run. LED’s high durability, quality and lifespan means your LED won’t unexpectedly break down from constant switch flicking. And we all know a serial switch flicker. Along with this, LED lights are instantly bright as soon as they’re turned on.  Unlike some traditional lighting that seems as though they’re using a crank to fully illuminate, LED’s have instant bright light of your choice and manipulation.


AICA’s LED options for your home or business!

Having been designing, supplying and installing modern, efficient and renewable lighting options for over a decade now, the team at AICA know a fair few things when it comes to selecting the right lights for your property.

Whether you’re looking to make slight lighting changes or a complete lighting overhaul to your home or business, AICA’s experienced team can help develop a lighting solution that works for you.  

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