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We take great pride in the quality of our work. Our sites are neat and safe, we try to keep disruption to a minimum  Once installed our systems not only look good they are also tough, efficient, designed to perform and built to last.

Solar PV Installation Services 

We take great pride in the quality of our work. Our sites are neat and safe, we try to keep disruption to a minimum  Once installed our systems not only look good they are also tough, efficient, designed to perform and built to last.

We work flexibly and just get the job done. We can be employed to take responsibility for specific parts of larger projects, to provide technical or on-site support for your own installations, as well as being employed directly to design and install complete systems.

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Mounting Systems

Our mounting systems have been designed to provide a cost effective, quick to install and secure mounting platform for a wide range of solar PV panels and mounting types. Mounting kits can be supplied wholesale or as part of a package along with other equipment and services. An overview of our most popular systems is below.

Solar PV Site Surveys

A professional site survey includes estimated system costs, likely system output figures, weight loads, snow loads, electrical requirements, roof and structural requirements  site suitability and grid connection requirements. Although we tailor every survey report to each proposed installation, an overview of the information we always prepare is below.

System Size (kWp)
Using the information you supply about your preferred system mounting area and your initial design preferences. We will work out the optimum size, style and shape of a PV array that might be suitable. We will reply with the number of solar modules, the type of solar modules that we would recomend and the power rating of the whole system (kWp).In addition we will provide all of the dimensions of the system i.e. length, width, depth, area and weight of the whole array (including any frames).
System Costs (Rs.)
Based on the design parameters you provide us with and the system size, we will then configure, technically validate and work out a quote for an example system. This will be a fully functioning system (including electrical & structural work) where all costs and parts are itemised.
Power Output (kWhrs)

Taking the physical and electrical characteristics of the example system, we will then cross reference this against the property and location details that you provide us with. This will allow us to provide reasonably accurate output figures in kWhrs.We will take into consideration

  • Roof pitch (if applicable)
  • Azumith Angle (which way the installation area faces)
  • Location (In relation to the sun)
Return on Investment (Rs.)
Using all of the figures we have calculated so far, we will then calculate the likely financial returns using the Solar PV Feed in Tariff incentive.
Survey Results

We will then reply with the following:

  • An estimate with an itemised components list.
  • Specification sheets for the main components we have selected for your design.
  • Estimated power output figures (per month and per year) in kWhrs.
  • A return on investment schedule.

Solar PV System Design

We provide easy to understand, professional system designs, including line diagrams, schematics, bill of materials/components lists, custom installation manuals as well as carrying out the required structural and electrical calculations.Solar energy systems are compatible with traditional as well as modern building materials and styles. Using Solar PV panels and modules in much the same way as you would use safety glass, unique and innovative solar power systems can be designed, built and integrated into buildings and landscapes.By taking the best aspects of architecture, metalwork, glasswork, electrics and roofing. We design innovative systems that ensure that the addition of a solar energy system will also add to a property??s appeal and value as well as generating the power required for use locally and or for export.

Hybrid Technologies

There are some renewable energy systems that work well together. These compatible technologies include wind turbines, wood boilers, solar hot water, water turbines, air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps and many others. Although we do not install these systems we are able to design photovovoltaic systems that can either work alongside or satisfy the power requirements of other technologies.There are effective solutions that can be used to generate power whilst complementing a building or remaining hidden. Systems can be built unseen into the fabric of the building or can have stand alone structures built nearby dedicated to generating power.

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