Why Choose AICA Energy
An innovative approach to your energy needs.

Why Choose AICA Energy

AICA Energy has been involved with offering solar Photovoltaic (PV) solutions to the residential and commercial sectors, we design PV system layouts and execute solar installations through which we have successfully carved a niche in the industry, having executed and commissioned over 5000 installations across Western Australia.

AICA Energy is an international firm pioneered in the installation of Renewable Energy Solutions for various facilities. With in-house experts and extensive global solar energy experience, AICA Energy offers advanced, innovative and cost-effective technology solutions for residential and commercial-size solar power systems. 

At AICA we treat our customers with utmost priority and provide prompt, professional services at every step of the way. AICA stores Solar PV systems to suit different energy requirements and finalize these requirements by studying individual roof layout, conducting site inspections, analyzing data from customer‚??s energy bills. AICA will professionally install the PV systems and integrate them in to the existing layout at customer‚??s convenience

We are:

  • A group of accredited Master Electricians, energy experts, electrical engineers and designers
  • We supply and install Clean Energy Council authorised products
  • We provide installation warranty
  • We have completed over 5000 residential and commercial installations
  • We are reliable, provide exceptional customer service and are dedicated to make your home energy efficient

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