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USP Systems (Uninterrupted Solar Power)

Grid Connect with Battery Backup Power | Backup Power during Grid Failures

Grid feed solar PV system disconnects from the grid during blackouts. In this case it does not produce any more electricity neither for grid feeding nor for the supply of your house.

India\'s aging electricity grid with its above ground power lines will always be prone to failures - storm damage being the most common cause. Blackout can also occur when the utility decides to do load shedding when the demand for electricity is more than that can be met .A Grid-Feed Backup System supplies your house with power in when the grid supply is cut-off.

The system uses backup inverters which are imported from the best manufactures of these inverters in Germany, Australia and Thailand. These inverters are designed to switch to battery power within fraction of seconds of a grid failure. Any excess electricity can be fed into the grid.

AICA USP system consists of solar panels, inverters, storage batteries, charge controllers, mounting system and balance of the system to connect the system safely to the grid.

ESP System (Energy Saver Solar Power)

This system is basically designed to meet a part of your daily electricity usage from solar power. This ensures that your monthly bills are much lower. This system also gives you a potential buffer against future electricity price rises. It also helps to reduce your dependence on electricity produced from fossil fuels and therefore reduces your carbon footprint.

AICA ESP system consists of solar panels, inverters, mounting system together with the balance of the system to connect the system and integrate it with the grid.

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