Soon, solar plants to start generating power in Kanpur
Tuesday, 09 Feb 2016

Kanpur: For the first time, Kanpur electricity supply company (Kesco) would be generating power through solar power plants. The power generated after being transferred to the grid would be distributed further. Kesco is otherwise a power distribution government undertaking.


The idea of installation of power plants on the roof-tops would go a long way in solving the problem of power crisis, especially during the peak summer season. Kesco authorities recently had got two solar plants of 40-kilowatt capacity each installed on the roof tops of Kesco's head office and Bijli Ghar in Parade.

For past few days, testing of the solar plant installed at Kesco head office in Civil Lines was being done. The testing remained successful and now the plant had to make operational but the cloudy weather in the city for past two days has delayed the process. If everything goes well, the new plant would be fully functional on next Sunday. Another solar plant of similar capacity installed at Bijli Ghar in Parade according to the Kesco officials will be made functional soon.

Kesco spokesperson, RD Pandey informed that with an investment of Rs 60 lakhs the roof top solar power plant had been installed at Kesco head office building in Civil Lines and Bijli Ghar in Parade almost a fortnight ago and is likely to start functioning from Sunday. He said that the power generated through the two solar plants would be supplied to the grid and it will be from there that the power would be distributed for use by the people. He said that this is for the first time that solar power plants have been installed at Kesco for generating power.

"Due to cloudy weather on Saturday and Sunday, the solar plant could not be synchronized with our power system. Now we will be repeating the exercise on Sunday keeping the fact in view that the load on our server on the weekend is less. This will help in easy synchronization of the power generated by the solar plant installed at Kesco head office", said RD Pandey while explaining in detail about the solar power plant.

He further mentioned that there is no battery attached to the solar plant for storing the power generated. The power generated would, therefore, be directly sent to the grid. "The installation of the battery would have cost us more. There is no need of it", he added further.

Kesco's spokesperson revealed that two small solar plant set-ups one of one kilowatt and other of two kilowatts have been made operational. While one KW has been made operational at Ganga barrage substation, the other one is now functional at Brijendra Swarup park substation.

Pandey said that these small plants would generate enough power to keep both the substations illuminated. He also said that even Kesco's power consumers can install the small power plants on their roof tops and generate power. The generated power at their end would ensure that people will consume less power drawn from Kesco and therefore, will end up paying less.

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