The process of achieving a clean, efficient and reliable product has been significantly enhanced by establishing the AICA Energy Research & Development department. Our expertise in Design & Integration allows us to develop new technologies and overcome current limitations in the renewable energy sector. This focus on harnessing renewable resources has been the foundation of our research and is in line with the environmental concern for finding eco-friendly solutions to the arising global energy crisis. AICA Energy has established strong industry partnerships for creating technologies and delivering a product that contributes to social and economic advancement.

The R&D division is led by Dr Shaji Mathews, Technical Director, who has a Doctorate in renewable energy and has an extensive experience with solar photovoltaic diesel hybrid systems, project engineering and management. He has also been an integral part of the design and integration team for many large scale and international projects namely the hybrid solar power system in the east of Marble Bar at Meentheena Veterans Retreat & the pure off grid solar systems at the Eco Beach Resort, Broome.

The combined effort between academic and industrial research is a potential strategy that AICA Energy is duly engaged with for delivering new and innovative concepts and technologies that respects the environment and aggregate value to the community.

Research Project

AICA Energy, in collaboration with Curtin University and Regen Power, was recently awarded by the Australian Research Council to be part in a project with a total funding of $326,000 that aims to develop a hybrid solar power station in remote areas and mining camps of Western Australia. This innovative technology has an integrated variable speed diesel generator, solar/wind and battery pack with load management and control system. This eco-friendly advanced technology has also a renowned academic support among Curtin University professors who will be contributing with the engineering improvements required for this technology implementation in Western Australia.

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