Solar Panels-Commercial systems

Solar Panels-Commercial systems

Solar panels are the primary component of a solar power system in terms of both cost of the system and performance of the system. So it’s important to know which panel to use to achieve you the best results

AICA Energy has access to the entire solar panel market and is not tied to any particular brand or manufacturer. We can help you select a solar panel that matches your requirements in terms of budget and system performance. AICA Energy together with German Solar Panel manufacturer Q-Cells, is also a research partner with Curtin University through Australian Research Council. We will only recommend solar panels that demonstrate superior performance. Here are the few solar panels we recommend to our commercial clients

  • Sunpower (327w)
  • LG (Monox2-285w, Neon 315w)
  • Qcell (265w)

Brands do make a difference. The biggest mistake anyone can make when considering a solar system is that all solar panels are created equal. In fact there is a significant difference in the quality, reliability and durability in solar panels on the market in Australia.

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