Business Case for Solar

Business Case for Solar

Solar energy solutions offer a clean and inexhaustible supply of energy to supplement conventional  sources of energy for business.

The costs of solar systems have dramatically reduced in recent years (particularly commercial systems). Combine these falling costs with rising electricity bills and the business case for solar makes more sense than ever.

The Main things to look for while assessing a solar business case are

  • The capital cost of the system
  • If you are choosing one of our finance options the system comes with zero capital upfront.
  • The electricity generated by the system

This comes in the form of reduced electricity consumption.

AICA Energy’s Commercial Solar Consultants treat investing in Solar as exactly as a financial investment. They will be collecting all the required data from your business facility as soon as possible. Data such as energy consumption, energy rate and roof space will be collected and analyzed. Upon collection of the required data, our technical team will design a tailor made economical system that suits you best and will provide you with a commercial solar proposal which provide the following details:

  • Capital Cost
  • Expected generation of electricity by the system
  • Cash Positive Position (If using our finance options)
  • Payback Period
  • NPV of the investment
  • Effective cost of solar generation
  • Savings

If you are ready to make the switch to solar and would like AICA Energy to make a proposal for your business contact us.

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