About Us
An innovative approach to your energy needs.

About Us

AICA Energy is an energy efficiency solutions provider specialising in all market sectors of electrical and renewable energy.

The company has been venturing into the various facets of renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions. AICA Energy is growing exponentially and becoming a well-know brand in this niche industry. Over the past few years, we have rapidly expanded into UK, USA, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and China.

We are certified by EcoXpert to carryout Energy Assesment and provide Energy Efficiency Solutions consultation to manage the growing energy demand. Our commitment to our clients is highlighted through the whole process of consultation, design and integration.

In collaboration with our partners, AICA Energy's experience within the electrical and renewable energy sectors gives us a competitive advantage in an ever evolving industry. With a multi-dimensional business model, we are consistently embracing all aspects that enable the provision of customised solutions to suit customer and business requirements.

Core Competencies

Our experience ranges within various facets of the renewable and electrical industry. These skill combinations enable us to deliver workmanship and products of the highest quality.

  • Energy Efficiency
    • Energy Saving Solutions
    • Solar PV Technologies
    • Energy Assessments
    • Maintenance

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